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Global business value

Tightly connect the global business value

JR Exhibitions Group is regarded as a general exhibition and overall ecology service provider. The "turn-key Exhibition Service " is a commercial system that integrates all the exhibition formats and make them in coexistence. Just Right Exhibition was designated as a professional exhibition service organization at the beginning. During the process of optimizing and upgrading services ceaselessly over the years, we find that most enterprises are becoming more and more diverse in their demand for the exhibition service. Only by constructing a 鈥渞ich and organic鈥?exhibition ecology service circle, can the customers get better service.


Now JR Exhibitions Group has formed three major business segments with the exhibition service, exhibition design & display, and exhibition organizing as the core. In the future, adhering to the mission of "the global value that closely connected by the general exhibition and overall ecology service", we will discover more demand points of the customers, establish a richer and better service system, and continuously create values for our clients.

Global marketing

Global marketing, starting here.